About Beyond Technique


The Beyond Technique workshop will help you identify blockages within your body and reconnect with the joy of movement.

The workshop covers essential skills and knowledge to prepare you mentally and physically for a performance state. Exceeding your potential on stage requires a specific set of mental and physical skills. Skills like anxiety regulation, confidence building, freedom and stability within the body and creative expression.


Skill 1: Improve Dance Skills

Practicing dance can be frustrating and hard on the body especially when failing to see results. This intensive workshop will help you to determine what is “right” for your own body and needs. Learn how to monitor your effort and how to build a daily practice supporting your progress.

Skill 2: Regulate Stress Response

Many dancers are overwhelmed by nerves, doubts and fears prior to performance. Most have never heard that the adrenaline rush on stage can be used to their advantage. You’ll learn a system of efficient exercise to help you channel those nerves productively and direct your focus even in extreme situations. Learn to be radiant on stage and “in the zone”.

Skill 3: Building Confidence

Confidence is one of the main ingredients attributed to success. It makes you believable as a performer.
You’ll learn how to embrace your unique characteristics and develop them. It’s these characteristics that allow you to stand out and execute your potential to the full.

Skill 4: Enhance Creative Thinking

Adding liveliness to your dance and using fantasy and imagination brings a whole new dimension to your performance. Being different is your main competitive advantage. Connecting to your authenticity, playfulness and recognizing patterns in your movement  lead to exceptional results in performance. You’ll learn how to use the above to generate new ideas, find new solutions, and expand your movement vocabulary beyond the familiar.


If you already know something is missing in your performance – but you can’t identify it – this workshop will help you diagnose what’s holding you back.

You’ll improve your dance skills, perform with confidence and focus, experience freedom within your body and enchant the audience with your performance.

The places available at each workshop are limited. This is to guarantee that each participant can avail of Mihaela’s personal attention and guidance.
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