Improve dance skills

Determine what is “right” for your own body and needs. Learn how to monitor your effort level and how to build a daily practice to support your progress.

Build Confidence

Learn how to embrace your unique characteristics and develop them. It’s these characteristics that allow you to stand out and execute your potential to the full.

Stress Response

Learn a system of efficient exercises to help you channel your nerves productively and direct your focus even in extreme situations. Be radiant on stage and “in the zone”.

About Mihaela


Kristina Veselinova

In a relatively short time I experienced a large amount of information, sensation and reflection applicable to both dance and life. I would even say a new way of thinking, a new understanding of the body. All of it presented in a quiet and gentle way.

Georgi Panayotov

I’ve been lucky to participate in two workshops given by Mihaela during which I connected to my inner self and to the pure happiness of dance. I gained a higher awareness of my body and improved the way I express myself through it. I achieved a higher level of consciousness and surpassed my comfort zone. 

Vera Molova

I recommend this workshop to any dancer who sees them self as a curious explorer of the internal sense of movement and space. What I liked about this workshop is that it worked on more than one level. I learned that effort equals pleasure. I discovered a different starting point to inspire my dance, an inner sense of movement.


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The places available at each workshop are limited. This is to guarantee that each participant will avail of Mihaela’s personal attention and guidance.

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